The application of the “OF Rail” system provides information on traffic and the behaviour of passing vehicles.


  • On the rails;
  • On sleepers;
  • On switches;
  • On the ballast.


  • Ellipticity of wheels;
  • Distribution of loads within the wagon;
  • Dynamic measurement of vertical compression on the wheel;
  • Vehicle stability;
  • Torsion effect of the wagon;
  • Rolling effect of the wagon.


  • Traffic control (wheel and axle load, train state and load, tilting);
  • Dynamic control of wheel load;
  • Prevention of damage to wagons;
  • Dynamic control of wagon behaviour;
  • Dynamic weighing;
  • Decay and movement of tracks and substructures;
  • Low intrusion and compatibility with the railway system and its procedures;
  • No hindrance during routine maintenance of trains and tracks.

NTSG has developed a series of mathematical models for the interpretation of the measurements made by the “OF Rail” system applied to the various elements of the railway, and the calculation of engineering quantities derived from them. The models are implemented in the proprietary software “Edgegateway” which acquires the above measurements in real time, uses them to derive other engineering quantities described in the Properties section and manages alarm systems for the users.