The automotive sector is one of the most advanced and therefore the use of a highly accurate system such as the “OF” system is almost taken for granted.

The parts on which the application is of most interest are:

The aim is to optimise the “car” product in order to make it safer as well as more performing and efficient.

The “OF” system currently has three main declinations: “OF CAR”, “OF TIRE” and “OF RIM”, these three systems are dedicated to specific applications and measurements related to the elements being monitored. Typical direct measurements are: deformation, tension, vibration, temperature, displacement, inclination, corrosion, pressure.

– Inside or outside the medium and its components;
– Glued, anchored inside or outside under the last layer of paint;
– Applied in bare or protected fibre mode, to be invisible and not affect the performance of the vehicle;
– Applied inside the composite materials used to build the components of the vehicle.

– Real-time monitoring of deformations and stresses in the various parts of the vehicle and its components (axles, suspension, tyres, rims, floors);
– Measurement of vibrations of the vehicle and its components;
– Measurement of applied loads, pressure and deterioration of elements such as: suspension, tyre, rim;
– Measurement of moments acting on the rim;
– Monitoring the profile and thermal behaviour of the engine and/or its components;
– Monitoring of tyre deterioration.